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SLS Group - AyseDeniz (ADpianist)
Iskandar Widjaja - sLs Group Artist_
AyseDeniz Profile - Read more
ISKANDAR Widjaja Profile - Read more
Churen Li  contemporary classical concert pianist
Nanaha - sLs Artists
CHUREN Profile - Read more
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isyana sarasvati - Live in Japan - sLs Group

Japan Team.(Concert Organizer)

Isyana Sarasvati composes her own songs, is a champion pianist and was once an opera singer.  Sarasvati has a large following on social media, with more than 12 million followers on Instagram and more than 1 million YouTube Subscribers . Her music video Tetap Dalam Jiwa released in 2015 with Sony Music Entertainment  has 130 million views so far on YouTube.
She has performed at Toyota Classics Concert, Jakarta Concert Orchestra, Victoria Concert Hall, Tokyo Bunkamura Hall  etc
In 2019, she was listed on Forbes Indonesia's 30 Under 30 list of inspiring young achievers, in the art, style and entertainment category. In April 2020, Forbes Asia included Isyana on its 30 Under 30 list in the Entertainment and Sports, and Celebrity categories.
Currently she is sponsored by Yamaha Corp Indonesia.

Instagram profile.  Read more

SLS Group - Rik the Pianist ( Rik the Romantic Period )

sLs Group Founder
Rik is a sought-after studio musician .A very rare classical professional pianist with wide range of music genres. As a multi- instrumentalist, he often works with well-known international bands and artists such as ;
Adele, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Ian Brown, Lily Allen, Matt Bellamy (Muse) Manic  Street Preachers, Radiohead, Rita Ora, Robbie Williams.

The Romantic Period has surpassed 120 million streams on Spotify.  Piano Sonata No. 14, Mov 1 *Moonlight * composed by Ludwig van Beethoven was the most streamed track.
40 million streams  and counting on Spotify.


Besides, he also lived in Asia and worked with famous Asian pop artists such as

Dreams Come True(ドリームズ・カム・トゥルー ), L'Arc-en-Ciel (ラルク アン シエル),  Misia(ミーシャ), GLAY, Shiina Ringo(椎名 林檎)

Aaron Kwok(郭富城), A-Lin(黃麗玲), Eason Chan(陳奕迅) , Faye Wong (王菲),  Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), MAYDAY
Wang Lee Hom(王力宏) 

His ability to play multiple instruments and deep understanding of those instruments make him the best choice as a Musical Instruments Specialist or Concert Sound Engineer. He also collaborated with a few TV stations such as ;
BBC UK, Fuji Television Japan, KBS Korea ,TVBS Taiwan,  and TVB Hong Kong

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